Baseball on Both Ends of the 1623


I often think about the unassuming parallels between the 1623 miles and both “ends” and homes of our brewing company. One subject in particular (apart from beer) that comes to mind, especially as the spring and summer months begin to roll in, is baseball.

Much like craft beer, baseball is about an experience, a feeling, a shared memory between friends, loved ones, and fanboys. To me there’s no better place to enjoy a beer than on a summer day at the park cheering on the home team (regardless of which end of the 1623 that is).

Coors Field in Denver takes some significant notes from Baltimore’s Camden Yards. Both were built in dead or dying warehouse districts in their respective cities— Inner Harbor in Baltimore and LoDo in Denver.

The infield seats along the first and third base sides of both Coors Field and Camden Yards turn toward home plate— something that hadn’t been done until Camden Yards was built in ‘92. Prior to it being built. Both places have cheap same day “seats”— the Rockpile bleachers at Coors Field and the stand room sections at Camden Yards. And of course, both are beautiful places to watch a game and enjoy a refreshing beer.

I even have heros from both teams. We didn’t have the Rockies when I was first growing up in Colorado and Cal Ripken was my hero. Every uniform I have ever worn has had an 8 on it and in my mind he’s the best to ever do it (and no one can change my mind on that). “The Todd Father”, Todd Helton was my favorite Rockies player. The image of him catching the throw to first and sending the Rockies to their first World Series is forever burned in my mind. Baseball is in my blood and I will always be a fan.

When I was 12 the year Camden Yards was opened Mike got my aunt tickets to take me to a game. I almost caught a foul ball. It hit my hand and had an adult wrestle it away from me. It was an amazing thing. Coors field came when I was 14. and by the time I was 16 we were going to games as much as possible. I love my Rockies, but the O’s will always be my first love.

-Zac Rismiller